Every way is the right way with memit’s two-way sync!

Brace yourself: memit has a cool new way for you to get more in tune with your cloud storage service!

With the new two-way sync feature you can have all your content available on the cloud as well as on memit – no matter where you save it first! By syncing both ways, memit will automatically create collections that match all your folders on the cloud storage service – without having anything lost in translation. And of course – anything you save to memit will pop up on your cloud storage service as well.

Enabling this feature is done in just a few clicks. Simply go to your memit account (or app) and click on the avatar in the upper-right corner. Choose Settings & Tools. Than proceed by choosing Services in the Cloud storage integration section. Click the drop-down menu under Storage integration scheme and choose Two way sync. (GIF tutorial below).

Animation 0

If you run into any problems, be sure to let us know at hello@memit.com. Or just drop us an email saying “hi”, we’re all for that too. 🙂

Hope you have fun navigating memit with full cloud flexibility!
Team memit


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