memit explained in 60 seconds – our promo video is released!

We’ve been asked a lot about when our promo video is going to be released. Users loved the service and wanted to have a quick way to explain what the platform is about to their friends. Well, the wait is over – we’ve officially launched our promo video!

Finding a way to tell your story can be challenging. Sure, we have a lot of cool features, but how do you let everyone see you through the eyes of your happiest users? That’s why making videos like this takes time, effort and a whole lot of soul.

We don’t shy away from hard work, but we also like to have fun while doing it! 🙂  Check out the set of our promo video shoot in the video below: featured are our firestarter and CEO Jan – the guy with mad Flipagram skills who likes to take 50%-face selfies, and our awesome designer Lasse – the guy who likes a clean table and is a fierce cross-arm enthusiast whenever he’s not working. Enjoy! 🙂

Like what you see? Why not share this video, try out memit or recommend it to your friends! It’s free and easy to use.


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