New memit widget is here – embed your content everywhere!

So, you’ve been memming lately? You have a cool collection you would love to share on your website or blog. Well – you’re in luck, because the new memit widget is in town!

Whether you’re trying to set up a portfolio for your business or just share your favorite book titles with your blog followers, having a compact visual way to display all your content directly on the website makes it easier for everybody. And the best part is – you don’t have to worry about changes! Updates on your memit collection will reflect directly on your website, keeping your content fresh and relevant.

Placing a widget on your website or a post is really simple: just go to the collection of your interest, click on Edit & Collaborate button beneath the top banner, then choose URL & Widget tab and simply click on the widget code (if you want to include top banner and filtering, then check respective boxes, save changes and apply the for-mentioned steps). After that, just simply place the code wherever you need your collection to show and voila – your visually arranged content will be there for anyone to use!

Having problems following these instructions? Just have a look at this quick tutorial:


If you run into any problems, be sure to let us know at Or just drop us an email saying “hi”, we’re all for that too. 🙂

Have fun with sharing your content with the world!
Team memit


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