memit introduces sub-collections!

memit’s drag & drop sub-collection feature is finally here! And we don’t blame you if you got overly excited. 🙂

Managing your content can be challenging if you can’t organize it in a way that’s intuitive to you. As the number of your mems grow, some collections may feel a bit crowded and need a finer classification. With the new sub-collection feature your mem count can grow without worries! By creating multi-level collections you can separate your content within collections – using any criteria you need. And since each mem can be assigned to multiple collections, there’s no need to compromise!

Creating a tree of sub-collections couldn’t be easier: just log in to your memit account and use the left sidebar to view the entire list of your collections. Then simply drag & drop collections into their according place. You can create new ones by clicking the +New button.
(see tutorial below)

drag_n_drop creating subcollections 2

If you made a mistake and want to remove a collection from it’s new position, simply drag & drop it to a different location. If you want it to be a stand-alone collection, then drag & drop it to the top of the list where it says Move to root.
(see tutorial below)

drag_n_drop creating subcollections remove 2

Keep your content neat and tidy with memit and drag & drop your way to bliss! 🙂

Enjoy the spring cleaning! 🙂

Team memit


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