Why do we have a happiness officer in memit?


Hi, I am Lise-Lotte, and I am happiness officer in team memit.

“That’s a funny title”, I often hear from people, when the talk falls on my job in memit. And it is. Because why does an online tool development team like memit need a happiness officer? The answer is simple: Because contributing to people’s happiness is our main goal! Continue reading Why do we have a happiness officer in memit?


Speed speed speed…

This message is about speed – So we will keep it short! (so you will be able to read it FAST!!! ;))

As memit users are coming in from all over the world – we are now upgrading our setup with CDN technology (Content delivery Network) so that memit runs faster – Wherever  you are. In fact – some of you should experience up to 70 % faster response time from the service! Continue reading Speed speed speed…

A lot of good stuff is “cooking” in team memit!

We feel that it is high time for another update on what is going on behind the scenes ,on the memit platform.

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 21.08.32
Close up from from the clipper test sheet.

During the past first months of the new year we have been working intensely on testing and  adjusting all the new features we managed to implement last year.To mention one example of this work, Elmedina, our QA tester, has with the help of Lise-Lotte, our Community Manager, almost tested the clipper on 200 URL`s during the past weeks. At the same time the same URL”s were also tested in Evernote and Pocket, to give us and Idea about what kind of improvements, these two platforms could inspire us to make on the memit clipper. Continue reading A lot of good stuff is “cooking” in team memit!

memit New Years update.

Hi to all you wonderful followers and supporters of the making of the new memit. 

Here is a New Years progress update from team memit.

When we first set sail ( in April 2014) with the work process, of transforming the original memit in to what today is called the “new version” of memit, we started out with a vision of wanting to listen 100% to our users. Especially we made the choice to focus on the large group of users that joined the memit family in connection with the Springpad platform announcing its closure in June 2014.  This is why we actively have been engaging with this amazing group of power users,  during the entire redesign process, and our first step was to create and publish a wish list, containing the 21 most mentioned feature requests from our x-Springpad user group. Continue reading memit New Years update.

Possibility to switch back to the old design, implemented.

These days we are happy to be  welcoming larger groups of users on the new version of memit. In the upcoming period where we still have two versions of memit running, we have implemented a special feature that will allow you best  switch back to the old design, if you should have the need to stay on the old design until all features are fully implemented on the new memit. Please note, that once you have decided to switch back, you will have to contact the memit support team to be allowed back on the new version of memit.

Just go to this location: https://memit.com/user/profile And press the “switch to old design”

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 21.58.13The risk

We have built a brand new shiny memit, together with an amazing group of people!


This summer Springpad was shut down. Springpad was a beautiful, well functioning, skilfully build, in Cambridge by Boston based, knowledge curation platform, with millions of signed up users and many thousands were depending on the service every day, to organize and keep track of their important online content.

Everybody who loved this wonderful tool,  and used it on a daily basis, were in shock! And so were we, in team memit. At that time we were in the middle of planning of a huge redesign of our platform, and when another admired service, that looked a lot like the one we were dreaming of building, suddenly were forced to shut down, it really made us stop and think about our future in this business.

It also made us engage with this wonderful online community of stranded Springpad users. Not only did we wanted to offer them shelter, which we did, bye quickly building an import tool, specially designed for Springpad content, we also wanted to learn from them. We wanted to hear their story and try to give them back what they had lost. Even if  nothing could ever bring back Springpad. This became the beginning of a true user feedback fairy tale.

The people of the Springpad community are amazing people. Truly- they are! Let me tell you a couple of stories that explain why.

Actively engaged users.

From day one we started to get former Springpad users on our platform, being a community manager at memit, had a totally new dimension added to it. I suddenly had users engaging with me on social media and reporting issues on email, way more often than before. These new users would tell us if they spotted something in the way memit worked that seemed like a bug or could be improved. They would not just sit there, behind the screen, and accept it. Every day, in that period, I woke up in the morning and opened my mailbox, and it would be bursting full with new comments and feedback from our new x-springpad users, and a happiness inside me was growing, as a thought in my mind  became more and more vivid and real:  We had found them! The people we needed, to build an online knowledge curation service., fit for real people. A service that would add true value to peoples lives. They were here! Not that we had never received feedback from users before, but the intense, massive and durable kind of feedback our new Spring-x-pads would provide us with, was new to us, and they came precisely at a time when we needed them the most. Just in time for the beginning of our long summer task, with rebuilding the memit platform, into a totally new and in every way improved version.