See you at Twedagsbar!

Twedagsbar labels

We’ve taken it upon us to provide the name tags for the upcoming twedagsbar, a bi-monthly social twitter event in Copenhagen running for the past 4 years. The event has been a big success with up to 200 tweeps there each time for the past few years. The tweetup (that’s a twitter meetup) is on September 6 at 5 o’clock, on Von Fressen on Vesterbrogade.

As always, the name tags holds the lovely design by massively talented local artist and designer Jonas Lönborg.

The event is open to everyone, you don’t have to be on Twitter. All you need is an interest in meeting friendly people from the twittersphere.

There will be at least a few of us attending, so don’t hesitate to show up! We speak Danish as well as English and we look forward to seeing you there.


Jon Lund joins memits executive team as COO

Today is a great day for memit: Jon Lund joins us as our Chief Operations Officer!

Jon has helped us for the past six months, but from today he’s with us in a formal role as part of the executive team, with Rune Alblas and me.

Jon is among the most knowledgable and well-connected Danes in the media industry. He is chairman of the Danish Online News Association, he blogs and writes in both Danish and international media, and he does a lot of public speaking. For five years Jon headed IAB Denmark and in that time the number of members doubled, revenue quardrupled and mentions of the organisation in the press increased ten-fold. At memit he’ll get the chance to surpass himself 🙂

Photo: Kasper Buchardt Thye

Jon Lund joins memit as COO. Photo: Kasper Buchardt Thye

Jon also took a seat on the board of IAB Europe and participated in both the organisation’s European and global work.

In particular I look forward to have Jon on the team to push memit’s media endavours, presenting our unique tools and solutions for publishers – both online and in print. And all around the world.

You can reach out to Jon at @jonlund (twitter) or at Of course you can also check out all Jon’s knowledge library right here at if you want to know what’s on his mind.

Yours, Jan

Ex-Clipboarder on memit: “I LOVE your service! Your clipper is AWESOME” – testimonials

In the past few weeks a great thing has happened here at memit: we’ve had an influx of new users of a very special kind – naturally born Powerusers. Users, who have all seen the great potential in clipping great stuff from around the web and saving it for later use in the cloud. Users, who’ve built up online huge collections of articles, pictures, pdfs and movies etc., but have suddenly found their old home –, a service similar to memit – shut down.

Here’s what happened. A little over a month ago Clipboard was sold, and users were given until today, June 30., 2013, to export their clips and try to make sense of them somewhere else. To our great delight, memit has turned out to be as fantastic a Clipboard alternative as we hoped it would be! But don’t take our word for it. You should listen to what ex-Clipboarders themselves are saying. Here’s a few: naomi testimonial One of the first ex-Clipboarders to find memit was Naomi Bianca Morton from the London office of Isobar – one of the world’s leading media agencies. On her blog she wrote:

“Clipboard have been bought by Salesforce, who decided to shut the service down. I’m distraught. memit, however, have swooped in and made everything better.”

And she continued:

“We’ll be using the Isobar Nowlab Mem It to archive everything we see and present….We’ve sorted them into ‘collections’ to make it easier to find things, and Mem It have a handy tag cloud to help you narrow things down.”

Later on Naomi imported all of Isobar’s Clipboard clips to memit. She now has a total of 735 mems, which you can see on the Isobar Nowlab Mem It page.

Suzanne Moore is another ex-Clipboarder. The first thing we heard from Suzanne after signing up was this comment on memit:

“I LOVE your clipper!… So far you’re getting an A+ from me.”

suzannemoore extended Part of the thread on memit, where Suzanne praises memit (Jan Futtrup is our CEO) Then Suzanne, a self-proclaimed “Certified Horse Nut”, went ahead and imported her entire Clipboard archive. The next day she was still thrilled:

“Can’t believe my Clipboard stuff is already live AND the tile view! Still A+ with me.”

Suzanne also took her view to Twitter, where she’s known as @MorganLver. Here she went a step futher: suzannetwitter

“I LOVE your service! Your clipper is AWESOME.”

Complete with capital letters and exclamation marks! We were blushing! You can have a look at Suzanne’s mems right here.


Also other ex-Clipboarders took to Twitter to express their feelings. From Italy Illuminato Butindaro (here are his mems) chipped in:

“@growsmarter Thank you very much! Memit is a good alternative to #Clipboard.”

The news also spread to Cyprus, where ex-clipboarder @AndreasCY had this reaction: andreascy From the Netherlands Roland Wijmenga put it in Dutch: roland or simply:

“It looks good!”

Are you yourself an ex-Clipboarder? Go try out our import tool. Here’s how it works: Have you imported your clips already? Please tell us what you think in the comments below!

Look at our new tiles!

“I’ve never seen all my mems presented in one single view before. They’re all there at one glance!”

Today we’re introducing something we’re really fond of ourselves: tile view. Tile view is a highly visual way to organize your mems. Instead of lists and endless words, it’s all images. Great for those times when you’re looking for inspiration and intuitive sensing.

memit tile viewThe new memit tile view presents all your mems visually

As of today, all users have the “tile view” option present on both their public profile and their “my mems” page. Scanning for a particular subject, the old list-way still rocks. That’s why the lists are still the default choice on memit.

Today’s tile view launch is only the first of a series of improvements we are rolling out over the summer. Tile views on more pages are coming – as well as a brand new front page, to mention just a couple. Want to see what it’s really like? Click here, sign up or log in and start tile viewing now!

memit seeks community manager-intern

Are you a student looking for an internship? We might have exactly what you’re looking for!

Internship – Community Management

Company & Job Description memit is a Danish startup aiming to change the way we save and share content on the internet and laying the foundations for a new breed of knowledge-based communities. We’re growing fast – and want to grow even faster. That’s why – starting today or after the summer holiday and running for the rest of 2013 – we are seeking a community management intern to help spread the word, build engagement, and keep users happy all around the world – plus helping getting the day-to-day operations of the office running! In turn you’re given the chance of being part of a vibrant startup, working with state-of-the-art technologies, front-running a new paradigm of sharing on the web, building identities and getting smarter. Together. As intern you’re going to work out of one of the most exiting social media offices in Copenhagen – namely the KOMFO headquarter in Vestergade, where memit resides. You’re going to be surrounded by the best-thinking social media marketeers and strategists you’ll ever come across. memit itself is serious business as well. We’re founded by Rune Alblas and Jan Futtrup Kjær – the founder of Social Semantic – and backed by UK and US-based angel investors.

The ideal candidate:

  • Is outgoing, sociable and easily connects to other people
  • Operates confidently on various social media platforms, knows how to share and fuel discussions
  • Speaks and writes both Danish and English with great ease
  • Is passionate about tech, internet and social media
  • Is a student or recent graduate in e.g. Communication, IT, Business, Media Management or similar.

We offer:

  • Professional and personal development
  • An inspiring and enjoyable work environment
  • The opportunity to influence
  • Great network opportunities
  • Professional office experience in the center of Copenhagen.

Please note that this is an unpaid internship and we expect you to participate full time. We invite people continuously for interviews, so submit your application today. Send to: Please write “Internship – Community Management” in the subject field. Remember to state when your internship should start. We look forward to receiving your application.

Clipboard-import ready

In the beginning of May was aquired by and all 140,000 users were told that would stop by end June. is (or was) a service similar to memit, and we therefore decided to offer the exiled Clipboard-users a new home in memit.

That’s why we today are able to launch a new import-tool. It’s extremely easy to use – all you have to do is upload the zip-file Clipboard provides you with. And then wait for our machinery to do it’s work. The service stands out by preserving the layout of the clips imported, by being able to import not only articles, but also pieces hereoff and indivdual images among other things. Finally the memit import takes care of the Boards to which the imported clips belong: in memit the clips (now ”mems”) are ordered in collections.

Here’s a small video which shows how the import works:

If you allready have a memit-account, you’ll find the import tool located under ”settings”